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Automation for MOVE AntiVirus Deployment

Good Morning Everyone,

We are upgrading from ePO 5.1.3. to ePO 5.9. Doing so I've had to upgrade McAfee MOVE AV Multi-Platform 3.5.0 Product to 4.6.0

I have managed to deploy SVM to the Offload Scan Server and I've deployed the MOVE AV 4.6.0 Multi-Platform Client 4.6.0 to the VDI master Image

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Re: Automation for MOVE AntiVirus Deployment

Within ePO > Product Deployment > New Deployment of MOVE AV 4.6.0 MP Client the Task status states as Pending !! But when I checked the VDI master Image machine the software is present.  Why is ePO giving me false info ?

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