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Automatic Tagging


I would like to apply a product identifier tag when a client running VSE first reports into the ePO server. I currently do it via Server Task and run a query which applies the tag based on installed software properties. Whilst this is fine, i would like it to happen immediately and not the next time the server task runs. Automatic responses would be the ideal method, however there are no properties avaiable for software installed, and neither in tag properties.

Can anybody think of a way to achieve the automatic tagging of clients based on installed software immediately?


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Re: Automatic Tagging

You could create a local script or package that checks for the software on a local endpoint, then writes a value like VSE to the McAfee Agent's CustomProps 1, 2,3 or 4 fields.  This can be done with the following command example:

FrmInst.exe /CustomProp1="enter a value to tag by in ePO"

... then whent he client checks into ePO, you can drill down to that clients computer properties and you will see the Custom Props value added, which then can by used in the Tag automation filters.  Hope this makes sense...

Good luck,


Re: Automatic Tagging

Hi JerryPCJr,

Thanks for your suggestion - i have used custom props before so will use them for this scenario. Looks like this is the only alernative. Hopefully McAfee will expand the range of tag properties to introduce software identification at some point.