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Automatic Shutdown computer after scan


We have some users that have asked us about if we can scan PCs after work hours because PCs run kind of slow hen scanning, but as we shut down computers when out of work we we're thinking if there's a way to auto shut down computers after McAfee finishes scanning.

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McAfee Employee
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Re: Automatic Shutdown computer after scan

I'm not aware of any way of doing this, I'm afraid. The agent is capable of running a user-specified executable at the end of an update task, but that option doesn't appear to exist for scan tasks

It sounds like a good PER to enter

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Re: Automatic Shutdown computer after scan

A more complete solution would be enhance the client task architecture such that:

  1. a new client task task type could be multi-step like server tasks which is configured using other client task types.
  2. a new platform specific task type could be system tasks which would include items such as shutdown.
  3. build the multi-step client task using a scan task and system task.