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Auto mcafee installation

We are running epo 4 patch 3. Is there any way to make the EPO to install the mcafee agent, VSE and DLP automatically when a new computer is connected to the network?
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RE: Auto mcafee installation

You can use an automatic discovery of your active directory every day and then deploy an agent once a machine is discovered.

To manage your AD sync you have to go to the "group" tab and edit the sync options, you will also see options to deploy agents to new discovered machines.

Next thing to do is to create an AD sync task into your serer's automated tasks to be launched every day.

Last thing is to create deployment tasks for VSE and DLP as usual.

RE: Auto mcafee installation

Thank you for your answer, but how can make deployment tasks that will work on new detected systems only?
If I make a deployment task on all systems everyday, will I have any problems with the systems that already have the software installed?
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RE: Auto mcafee installation

the deployment task checks whats installed and doesnt progress with the task if its up to date

RE: Auto mcafee installation

Thank you very much!