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Auto deploy ePO Agent to new PCs

How do you configure ePO 4.0 to deploy the ePO Agent to new PCs added to the domain.

They appear in the ePO System tree but their status is 'Unmanaged' and Tag is None.

I have set up Client Tasks to deploy and update Agent but this seems to only work for Managed systems, how do you get it to deploy for unmanged systems or even clients with older versions of the Agent?

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Re: Auto deploy ePO Agent to new PCs

Hi Peter,

You will have to configure an Active Directory Synch task (it's under Server tasks) to do that. Take a look at the following KB and/or on the product guide.

Note1: Another way that you have in ePO to find PCs and deploy automatically McAfee Agents is the Rogue System Detection, more info are available on the product guide for ePO - .

Note2: Be aware that latest version of ePO is 4.5 Patch 3.

Hope this helps.