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At what level does ePO become the right solution?

We're about to put in four Invensys terminal servers providing access to a control system. The only AV product supported by Invensys is McAfee, but that's not the corporate standard AV product, so we don't have the basic management infrastructure in for it. I'm trying to get my head around whether to put in ePolicy orchestrator, or whether to just go with a mirror server.

Anyone got any thoughts?

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Re: At what level does ePO become the right solution?

We have ePO, but use it to configure and track 300+ clients. I don't know much about the mirror server you mentioned.

If your only installing VSE 8.8 on 4 servers it might just be best to stick with a manual install. McAfee provides an Installation Designer that makes an EXE (maybe it's an MSI, I forget) that standardizes your VSE installs. Also, I'm fairly certain you can centralize alerts so that you won't have to constantly monitor all 4 servers.

Hope that helps

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