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Assigned policy - EPO Console

Dear Team,

We have seen the 2 category for Inherit from is  " My Organization" and another is " Global root".

In one set of policy its showing inherit from " My organization" and also in another policy " Global root"

Is there any special Authentication type for EPO & windows authentication for EPO user login. Might be login authentication will show this kind of changes?

Could you please give me the clear updates for the variation " inherit from" option.

And also I have mentioned below the screenshots.




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Re: Assigned policy - EPO Console

The "Global Root" is McAfee's default policy, meaning, if it is inheriting from Global Root, you have not created and assigned your own custom policy for that module and are using McAfee default settings for it. The 1st half of your screenshot is for the DLP module, you'll need to click the "edit assignment" and then from there you can switch from Global Root and assign your own policy.

The 2nd half of your screenshot is showing the VSE module and its inheriting from My Organization because someone has already clicked the edit assignment and changed it from Global Root at the My Org node.