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Applying Policies for Good Server (Mobile Device Management)


As posted before I recently was given the responsibility to maintain our ePO server for the company. Shortly after, I was asked to exclude the following directory from a particular server for performance reasoning. I added the exclusion to our On Demand Scan client tasks for the server. I just want to ensure I'm not missing any other policies were I should exclude this directory from.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Good Technology

Exclusion currently set on Client Task for On Demand Scan (VirusScan Ent 8.7.0)

Client Task:    

Daily Server AV Scan


Daily @ 2:00 AM (Missed task will run with 2 minutes delay)

Locations to Scan:

Memory of rootkits, runnings proccess, drive C:\, cookies and registry

Scan Options:

Includes Subfolder and boot sectors

Overwrite client exclusions is enabled.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Good Technology

System Utilization:


Task will Run on:

Servers only


The Directory exclusions was aldo added to our On-Access Default Processes Policies

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Re: Applying Policies for Good Server (Mobile Device Management)

Hi there. You have excluded the Good directory for the Client Task that performs the On Demand Scan.

If you have been advised to exclude the Good directory for performance reasons I would speculate that you need to exclude it from the On Access Scanner. In this case you need to add the directory to the On Access Default Processes Policy. Once you have amended the policy, give the Good for Enterprise server an Agent Wakeup call and you should be done.

Hope that helps.


Re: Applying Policies for Good Server (Mobile Device Management)

Dan thanks for the advise. I had added an edit to the message to include I had already added it to the On-Access Default Policies too. In short these are the two places to make the exclusions on.

Exclusion Made on

On Demmand Scan (Client Task)
On Access Default Policy (Assigned Policies)