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Alien Agents, GUID, ePO

I've tried to search through the forum, but still need some clarification

My current issue is that I have about 100 or so 'Alien Agents' listed

All of these agents are talking to my one EPO server (seen from http://computer:8081)

If I add them to the epo via the Rogue System Detection, they are added but do not have any information listed for them.

I can do an agent wake up call, and it is successful, but the systems are not considered managed, or appear on the tree with the (im assuming) managed icon

I've read about deleting the GUID, is that what I should try? Could someone link me to a write up on how?

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RE: Alien Agents, GUID, ePO

Is it possible that these are machines where the VSE has been installed without the agent being installed first (and so the agent on the machine is in fact the version that VSE installs itself rather than a managed EPO from the server) In this case I would just repush an agent install on top.

The GUID delete is:

*Stop framework service
*del reg key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Agent\agentguid
*Start framework service
*wakeup call on unmanaged
*managed agent should then appear in relevant folder according to filtering

You can script this or batch it using pstools etc etc