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Alert Email Notifications

We have some servers running scheduled tasks, and if one of them happens to encounter a virus, we'd like McAfee to send an email notification. The virus console > Tools > Alerts screen makes it sound like I need an Alert Manager server running. And when I googled for that, I found that's it's been EOLed for several years now, and that ePolicy Orchestrator is the new thing. Are both of these wholly separate products? Is there some other simple and easy way to set up email notifications?

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Re: Alert Email Notifications

What product (name and version) are you actually running so that I may move this to that sub-section for better support?

(Moved provisionally to ePO but can move again if asked).

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Re: Alert Email Notifications

Alert Manager is very end of life, as you mention.

ePO is the management tool for McAfee AV (and more) these days.

One of the things it offers is centralised email notifications, but it also offers a whole lot more besides.

Start here:

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