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Hi Guys,

I have a question surrounding Agents.

Agents are deployed by default through Mcaffee polices. Manual Updates can also be pushed out via the Mcafee console. Can the Mcaffee Agent default policy be stopped so that it does not pick up an agent or is this a piece of software inbuilt within the ePO application that is unable to be tampered with? I believe we have a default mcafee agent policy that has a Server to Client communication set at 360 seconds, does this policy send out the mcafee agent as standard?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Agents

Hi czql5z,

The McAfee Agent is not set to be deployed by deafult from EPO, However you can configure the settings in EPO, to McAfee Agent as soon as you add the machine.

If you using a AD Sync to Add the machines, in the same page you have an option to Configure EPO to Push Agent as soon as they are added to machine.

Event if the Client Task to Deploy McAfee Agent is configured, it will not push McAfee Agent, as EPO requires McAfee Agent to deploy or send any updates to client machines.

To Deploy the McAfee Agent you can either configure the AD Sync, or push agent when it is added manually to EPO, or Deploy McAfee Agent Manually (By Selecting the Unmanaged machines and going to Action - Agent - Deploy Agent)or Create a Server task to find Unamanage Machine and Deploy McAfee Agent.

- Default mcafee agent policy that has a Server to Client communication set at 360 seconds has nothing to do with Deploying of McAfee Agent, it tell the already installed McAfee Agent to report to EPO in every 360 seconds

Please revert for any queries.