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Agents not reporting

I recently got assigned to TRY to fix our EPO. It has not been managed for at least a year. The person who created it is no longer here and no one else here knows anything about it. And being that I am new to the technical team (was doing PC Services) I am trying to do my best to figure it out. But as you can imagine I am finding more than one issue to correct.

Anyway, thats the background.

So, as I mentioned I was doing PC Services work (for about 2 and a half years) and during that time I created all the images. Well, I had no idea you had to delete the AgentGUID registry. So ALL of the images per model for the past 2 years have had the same registry key. So I did a search on computers without an agent and got over 1500 computers in the result. The majority of these computers are retired assets but I really don't want to go through each one to find out if in fact I can delete it. What I was hoping to do would be to completely delete the whole directory and start over with an AD import. I was hoping that would import all computers that are currently on our network and then I could determine which systems actually need to have the agent reinstalled on (which is another question in itself). I am also going to have to update to version 3.61 as I am running 3.5 right now but have read that you should go to 3.6 first. Is this true? If so it is not available for download on the McAfee website.

Anyway, if anyone could offer a little advice or anything I would appreciate it!
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