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Agents not reporting correct information

I have several agents that are not reporting to correct product information and some that are not reporting any information. One client reports the correct version of AV, correct patch, and correct engine but does not report the dat number. Some agents will report everything but the engine while others will not report anything but the agent being installed. One each of the machines I can access the log files and everything seems normal, the agents are updating the virus dats and report and the report success when uploading the full properties to the system. I have tried deleting the agent ID in the regisitry to force it to generate a new one, stopping/starting the common framework service, deleting the system and letting it report back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the agent. The only thing I can think of is that there is corruption in the DB enteries for those systems. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I am running EPO 4.0 SP3 on the server, the agents are 4.0, and the server is 32bit 2003 with Sp2.

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RE: Agents not reporting correct information

Is the problem still there with the same clinets after a client reboot ?