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Agent to Server communication fault

Please can some one give me a solution to the following issue. We are using EPO server 3.6.1 and we have over 2000 workstations deployed in over 65 sites.  In Mid January (WHILST i WAS AWAY ON HOLIDAY) EPO AGENT 4 was checked in to our server and the deployed to all workstations. Since this time the workstations have not communicated to the server. The workstations are recieving DAT Updates OK so its just the communication which is critical for me as I have to complete monthly reports.

I have looked at the logs for a number of workstations and the log stops recording events at the same time as the new agent was installed.  The log shows the agent being installed and the services being restarted and then no more entries are created.

I have managed to redeploy the old agent onto 10% of the workstations using a command on the login script, but this has only fixed a small number of workstations.

Deploying the agent through the EPO Console fails and creating a new package fails with an error msg: Error downloading the epo agent package information

I am currently thinking about forcing the uninstall of the agents from the affected computers by running a script that reads the computer name from an excel spread sheet, that was produced by the EPO Query for ws to server communications.  I have tested this theory and it works however I need to disable the Access Protection on each workstation.  I have tried to do this within the epo server within the policies but the error I have seems to stop the policies being applied to the workstation.

So IS it possible to disable Access protection via a script?

I am new to EPO and so I may be completley wrong, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Agent to Server communication fault

You are probably looking at the issue outlined in KB67452 ( If so, please make sure you check in the extension attached to KB, but that won't solve the issue as Access Protection is still blocking policies from being applied. I suggest you contact McAfee support to obtain an ePO deployable SuperDAT that will help you disable Access Protection and get the correct policies applied.