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Agent fails to communicate with ePO

Hi ,

I have ePO 4.6.7 version and some of the DMZ servers are not communication to ePO server.

I got error " Agent fails to communicate with ePO" . I have reinstalled the Mcafee client on the DMZ servers , but its works for only some servers .

Some of the servers agent wake -up communication port from server end it is 8512 but in ePo console its shows wrong port 8081).

All non working servers are having some issue . Any one help on this issue

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Re: Agent fails to communicate with ePO

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Re: Agent fails to communicate with ePO

​, hi there. first make a note of your port configuration from ePO. Go  to  Server Settings \ Ports. Now make sure these ports are open for communication on DMZ servers. the easiest way you can test is using telnet. Issue this command in Windows Command line: telnet [your ePO server] [port]


telnet 8081

You may want to check this link:  McAfee Corporate KB - How to use ePolicy Orchestrator in a DMZ or NAT environment KB59218

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