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Agent failed to communicate with ePO Server

We are planning to upgrade our existing EPO 4.0 to 4.5. I have setup one server Windows 2003 and fresh installed with EPO 4.5 for testing purpose. I tested it on 2 client computers. These 2 client computers previously installed with VSE 8.5 and agent 4.0 pointing to our existing EPO 4.0. I have uninstalled VSE 8.5 and forced uninstall framepkg which pointed out to the EPO 4.0 and reinstalled VSE 8.7 on these 2 client computers and installed framepkg.exe, I generated from EPO 4.5. The problem is these 2 client computers cannot communicate with the EPO 4.5. I did checked the Agent_COMPUTERNAME.log and found error 'Agent failed to communicate with ePO Server' and 'The naInet library returned an error. [Parent error: NaInet library returned code == -88]". On the EPO 4.5 server, I found error ePolicy Orchestrator server stopped in the last column in server.log file, eventhough I have checked the service is running. From the EPO 4.5 console also I see non of the computername appears in system tree. This problem prevent me to manage those client computers from the EPO console. However, I can get these 2 client computers updated manually from the EPO server. Please help.

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Re: Agent failed to communicate with ePO Server


I understand you set-up a _new_ ePO 4.5 on a _new_ Windows 2003 server !?

Did you check the network connectivity ?

Is it possible some firewall (possibly Windows FW) is preventing incoming communication from the agents to the server ?

Can you ping the server from the agents ?

On the (test) agents, can you check SiteList.xml and ServerSiteList.xml and control what name & IP the agent is trying to reach ?


on 31/08/10 13:32:38 CEST
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Re: Agent failed to communicate with ePO Server


as for the client error message I found a KB article ( which has a good explanation that practically the code -88 is masking the actual error (which might be due to problems using the proxy on client).

Please check if the test clients actually wants to use the new ePO server (e.g. via browser log http://hostname:8081)

/As for the other error: does it still recur?/


Re: Agent failed to communicate with ePO Server

Hi all,

Thanks for your response to my question. The problem have been rectified. It was my apache ssl cert broken which caused the agent cannot communicate with the EPO server. After I re-created new ssl cert, the agent able to communicate with the EPO server. Problem resolved. Thanks a lot.