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Agent doesn't upload status immediately after performing an update task

Hi all,

I have a compliance summary that reports on something simple:

- Criteria = DAT is within 2 version of repository

- Filter = Last communication within 1 day

The problem is, when a machine is *just* switched on, it may have an out of date DAT.

It updates the DAT within a few minutes, but it fails to tell ePO that it has now updated until the next Agent to Server communication (which could be up to 1 hour).

This means it shows on the compliance report as non-compliant.

If I was an automated server task to email a technician to fix non-compliant machines, it may inform them about this machine, and when the user visits, it is now up to date.

Can I either:

- Ensure that any update task immediately sends the information back to the server so the server knows it is compliant.


- Create the query to exclude machines that have only been switched on for an hour?


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