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Agent communication differences

I have multiple systems that will not update to ePO automaticaly.  They will update to the ePO server via the Virusscan 8.5i Update Now option on the local system but not through the agent 4.0 monitor or via a wake up from ePO?  I have removed and pushed a new agent from ePO onto the system and it does not fix the issue.  I have also removed and replaced the Virusscan also with no success.  What is the difference between the (2) update options via the local system? I thought communication to ePO was always through the agent. I can see the DAT downloads in the Agent Monitor after Updating Now but the agent will not update via the Monitor or automaticaly. 


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McAfee Employee
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Re: Agent communication differences

Neither an agent wakeup call nor the agent status monitor updates DAT files for VSE rather they instruct the agent to update its properties on the EPO server and download any new policies/tasks. If you wish to perform a DAT update via a wakeup call then you must define a client update task in EPO and set the task to "Run Immediately". Then the client will perform an update on its next agent-to-server communication (which you can force with a wakeup call).

Keep in mind that tasks set to "run immediately" will only run one time on the client machine and they will not run again unless the task has been changed somehow (simply opening the task and saving it is sufficient).

Re: Agent communication differences

you can also remotely run 'C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\mcupdate.exe' which will start the same process you see when running 'Update Now' locally - you can then monitor progress via remote log...