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Agent Policy configuration

What is the relation between the time in Policy Enforcement Interval and Agent to server Communication Interval, maybe I have misunderstand about them, when ASCI communicates the agent to the server, search for new policies and retrieve them to the client, does the option Policy Enforcement Interval apply the policy retrieved after an hour? By default both have 60 minutes; do they work as I think? ASCI retrieve new policies and tasks, and Policy Enforcement Interval automatically applies them after 60 minutes if I don’t use enforcement of policies and tasks with a “wake up agent”. Is that how it works?

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Re: Agent Policy configuration

That's my understanding of how they work.

Re: Agent Policy configuration

This config was recently changed with the latest McAfe Agent extensions.

At the beginning it was 60 minutes for the Server Communication Interval and 5 minutes for the Enforcement Interval. This way a computer was reporting props and downloading new tasks/policies every hour and enforcing policies every 5 minutes so if any auser changed a setting on the local computer (disabling on-access for example) it would be overwriteen by ePO policy every 5 minutes (becuase I want to aplpy my ePO policy at any moment).

As per me I still have a 5 minutes for the Enforcement Interval

Re: Agent Policy configuration

Correct - policy enforcement interval is local to the client. Agent-server communication interval is when the client talks to ePO to get the 'latest' policies and tasks.

For example, if users can modify product settings you might want a more frequent policy enforcement interval to counterbalance that. It's down to you and your installation to choose 

Re: Agent Policy configuration


Policy enforcement  interval : This time Agent will communicate to ePO for any new policy.

Agent to server communication : This time Agent will send client and Threat events to ePO server.

Hope this will clear your doubts.