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Agent Ping - everytime?


We currently have 10000 machines within 1 group using 6 repositories

Due to network address complications we are using ping rather than subnet or defined groups

We are seeing an increase load on 1 repository and when checking ping, its one of the slowess to respond and can not determine why so many clients are connecting. (this repo is top of the list)

i have logged jobs with Mcafee, searched mcafee's website and scanned the forums and seems to be a mixture of opinion

Some say the clients pings all repos everytime it attempts to collect an update, some say it does only when the sitelist.xml is changed, some say its a registry setting?

Anyone have an idea or seen similar results?

Thanks in advance

ePO 3.6
Agent 4.0 Patch 1
Repos - UNC config
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RE: Agent Ping - everytime?

Have you tried moving that repository down the list ?