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Agent Installation Error

When i run the frame pkg it gives a message invalid credentials even after confirming that they're correct.

Kindly assist

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Re: Agent Installation Error

Which version of McAfee Agent are you using? If it's going to be an ePO-managed machine you should remeber that you need the ePO agent that allows to embbed credentials (in some McAfee Agent versions you have a package that allows embedded credentials and another one that doesn't allow it ans usually shows the message you reported)

Re: Agent Installation Error

Thanks for responding,

am using ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0 (Build: 753). What happen my previous McAfee server crushed then i installed EPO in another PC and copied the database but its bot working after creating a new  FramePkg. Also on the repository where you validate credential it gives invalid credentials and cant ping detected systems.

Appreciate your next response in advance.

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Re: Agent Installation Error

Hi Meshack,

You cannot just copy the DB to a new install of ePO and pretend that it will work...

The follwoing McAfee KB66616 document 'Disaster Recovery' procedure will help you understanding why:

Hope it helps.