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Agent Handler 4.6 Installation error


I tried to install an Agent Handler 4.6 in our DMZ. All the required ports are open and the server I'm installing on is a W2K8 server.

The install failed on not being able to find the epo server. So I tried installing the Agent Handler on an internal server with the same results. The error is below.

I checked the server for ports in use - netstat.

I have entered the server name then as FQDN.

I tried different ports 8443 and 8444.

I tried different ePO Admin Users.

I have searched the WEB and communities for help but there is nothing conclusive.

Nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, what was the resolution.




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Re: Agent Handler 4.6 Installation error

All good!!

Rang McAfee Technical Support and found out it has to be the SQL server not th ePolicy server.