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Agent Fails to Deploy, question on KB56386


Does anyone have any pointers on how to determine what on this KB is not enabled that prevents Agents from being automatically deployed


McAfee Corporate KB - Push Agent Installation Program to "computer name" Fail! (when deploying the M...

I'm surprised there is not an Agent Prep tool that you could run. That helps you find and turn on the features you need to get the Agent to run correctly.

I turned NetBIOS on and I went from Failed Status to In Progress(100%), then Failed.

I have a feeling I might just have to manually install the agent to each machine. We are only dealing with 14.


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Re: Agent Fails to Deploy, question on KB56386

Hi Dan,

If you are not aware how to enable those settings I would suggest to do the manual installation. (as you mentioned you have only 14 systems)

Cause if you need to enable those settings on all systems and you are not confident to do it via GPO it will take more time to do it 14 times rather than the manual installation of McAfee agent.



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