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Agent Deployment with Group Selection?

I'll start this off by saying that I am not the one who setup our ePO environment, so forgive me if I don't use the proper terms. I'm using FramePkg.exe to deploy the ePO agent at time of Operating System Deployment. The command I use is: framepkg.exe /install=agent /silent

Here is the group structure in our enviornment for reference in my question:

*My Organization

*My Organization

*End User Terminals


*Kiosk Machines


*Server Group 1

*Server Group 2




This installs the agent, and puts the computer into a "Lost&Found" container, with a sub group of our domain name. Is there a method of getting the newly deployed computers into the proper "Workstations" group via the command line, and if not, what is the other way to have this process happen?

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McAfee Employee
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Re: Agent Deployment with Group Selection?

Firstly, please have a look at the "How a system is added to the system tree when sorted" section of the ePO product guide, which explains the process ePO goes through when placing a machine.

There are other sections here that can help - in particular the "Criteria-based sorting" and "Sort systems into criteria-based groups" sections, which you can use to control the placement of machines.

Finally, if you're using ePO 5.x and your end users have admin rights, you can use  a URL-based deployment, which can directly control where the machines are placed: see the MA 4.8 Product Guide for details.