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Agent Deployment URLs

Working with a client that has an agent handler inthe DMZ to service remote devices that can't access the internal ePO via VPN and we are wanting to create a deployment URL that is resolvable from outside the LAN. A support case was raised but we only got as far as verifying that the created URL and it's installation package contained the DMZ agent handler. This URL has an FDQN that points to the internal ePO that isn't going to resolve from outside of the LAN. The engineer suggested that we would have to send the installation package to the remote devices but this raises problems around emailing an executable file.

Does anyone know how to generate a resolvable URL that will allow a remote machine to pull down and install the ePO agent?



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Re: Agent Deployment URLs

It's easy. When you are on System Tree and click New Systems, you select Create URL for Client-side agent download. On this window you can put the URL name, the agent version AND ASSIGN TO AGENT HANDLERS. You can select All or a selected Agent Handler.

I hope it will be useful.

Good luck!

Re: Agent Deployment URLs

mmmm apologize... it's true... it points to epo server by https...