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Agent - Agent Handler comms

I need help explaning  communication between Mcafee Agent and External Agent Handler of ePO server.  I have a customer who is trying  to force communication only via https. Is this possible?

This is the customer example:

Even after we removed published ip address of our AH, test endpoint took internal ip address of AH ( As you can see from logs, MA is trying to connect to fqdn, NetBIOS and internal ip address:

For security reason we would like to understand is there any way to force communication only via https and bypass any other communication methods like NetBIOS and IP.

According Official ePO installation guide(section Best Practice -> Install and configure the AH) , we have to configure published ip address, and this step is not optional.

It seems that is a the way how connection works between MA and AH – but if you know some workaround how to force only https communication, could you please share with us. 




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McAfee Employee jstanley
McAfee Employee
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Re: Agent - Agent Handler comms

The question on its surface does not make sense. NetBIOS/IP are not communication protocols they (along with FQDN) are just methods used to identify the machine you are trying to connect to.

By default all agent-to-server communications from MA to ePO (or agent handlers) use TLS regardless of whether the connection is made via IP or if the IP is determined via DNS lookup on NetBIOS/FQDN.

Reliable Contributor tao
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Re: Agent - Agent Handler comms

Agent Handler allows you to directly manage systems behind the DMZ (aka off prem); that will mean a publish IP - perhaps a superagent / remote repository would be a better choice if the agents will stay on prem. Still, begs the question - What is the customer trying to accomplish?

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