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Agent 5.0 Error - 'Platform Not Supported' Error When Deploying VSE

I get this error in the agents logs when testing our client install tasks. Agent was checked-in and used. I've seen this behavior on windows 7 64 bit and a 2012 r2 terminal server. The agent was installed as as administrator. VSE 8.8 never gets installed. Unfortunately I didn't save the logs

I notice that the agent installs to the 64-bit program files folder, at "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\x86\, whereas 4.8 installs to C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework. Perhaps this is causing the error?

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Re: Agent 5.0 Error - 'Platform Not Supported' Error When Deploying VSE

Hi Justin,

Could you elaborate what minor version of VSE 8.8 you are trying to install (i.e. VSE (patch 4))?

Ideally if you could attempt the installation again and provide the log files it would help identify the cause.

Kind regards,


Re: Agent 5.0 Error - 'Platform Not Supported' Error When Deploying VSE

Thank you for responding.

It's fixed. Called into support and determined that the issue was mcafee agent number not compatible with 8.8p7. With 4.8 we were getting "platform not supported". With we would see the deployment task come down but never actually install.

Per the 8.8 patch 7 release notes, we are now using with no issues. I realize that 188 has issues with other mcafee products, but we are not using them at this time.

Here's the specific blurb from the release notes from mcafee agent hotfix 1110392 (

Note: If intending to use Patch 7 as the prerequisite, Patch 7 is restricted to installing on MA and you must follow these steps:

1. Install or upgrade to MA

2. Install or upgrade to VSE 8.8.0 Patch 7

3. Upgrade to MA

Offchance you know, can you confirm that cannot be installed directly (eg installed in one step, and that a previous build must be installed first, and then 333 must be deployed)?

Re: Agent 5.0 Error - 'Platform Not Supported' Error When Deploying VSE

Hi justingoldberg,

I have performed a deployment McAfee Agent to an unmanaged Windows 7 system (with no previous agent installed) in my test environment.

Then used a client task to deploy VSE 7) via the McAfee Agent

Installation of both products in this order appears to operate correctly.

Kind regards,