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Agent 5.0.1 Released

Anyone else annoyed by the way they changed the Agent for version 5 and above, with the way it displays the remote log file?

I was hoping they were going to change it for 5.0.1 back to 4.8 or something similar.

Previous 4.8 version, you could scroll to the bottom and refresh...and it would stay there - it also contains details of the issues/updates, with 5 you need to look in other tabs and read the logs of what happened during the update/install process.....

With version 5, the stupid thing is now more complicated with less information right in front of you and you can not scroll to the bottom and keep jumps back to the top on each refresh and you have to then scroll to the bottom again.

Same when you in the McAfee product logs - jumps back to the activity log on refresh so you have to go through and select what you wanted again from the product logs tab.

I have also noticed that it still doesn't sort the DATE/TIME correctly when you click the columns to do the sorting (if you leave it, the latest is at the bottom and is sorted correctly), click the time column and it seems to be treating the time like excel does unless you format the cell correctly (ie, by number, not by time),

So if you have 9am and 10am ranges and click the sort column, it does something like;

09:59, 09:45, 09:12, 10:52, 10:30, 10:10 (arrow pointing down)


10:10, 10:30, 10:52, 09:12, 09:45, 09:59 (arrow pointing up)

How does that make sense? you miss the earliest or latest times, they are somewhere in the middle of that mess unless you dont touch it and keep scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

This isn't currently working for me in IE11 at the moment - it seems it doesnt read the log file correctly and displays it properly, works in Chrome though.

It really isnt friendly anymore.

IE11 and Agent 501 Log.jpg

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Re: Agent 5.0.1 Released

Moved to ePO for better attention.