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After Moving Disabled SuperAgents Between Folders Clients Cant See EPO

Hello ,

first i am trying to get confirmation that SA with peer to peer enabled are containing also Policies in the SA repository ?

now here is my question ,

we have about 100 sites that each one contained SA

most of our clients run also SolidCore ,

After having network congestion we have DISABLED ALL OF OUR SA , and enabled one UNC for repository and to be at the top of the list and right after that the EPO server . [ reminder all the SA are disabled]

After working for 2 weeks like that and all was ok , we decided to move 2 of the site servers that were also SA to a folder group that didn't had SA policy[ actually to remove them from being SA]

5 minutes after the move all of our clients lost their connection to the EPO and All the Solidcore policies were ERASED from the Clients ???????

Only until we have Duplicated the original Solidcore Policies and enforced them again to the clients it started to work ok again !

1. Did anyone encountered something similar ?

2. is it true that Peer to Peer Enabled in the McAfee Agent General Policies for SA actually HOLDS also a copy of the EPO policies ? and if they were disabled does that mean that no policy was downloaded to the SA Repository?