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Advice, ePO v4.5 new installation

Hi all,

I've read many posts but didn't exactly came across a similar scenario.

We already have ePO v4.0 installed in a Windows 2003 domain.

We have two repositories on two servers in 2 remote sites on top of our local ePO server.

We're currently protecting about 650 PCs with the McAfee solution.

This installation had already been upgraded from v3.6 to v4.0 a couple of years ago on this server.

Everything is working properly.

My colleague in charge of ePO is now fully dedicated to developping SharePoint platforms and my I.T manager asked me to take this project in charge.

However, as the server is getting old and full to the brim, the I.T administrator will soon dedicate a blade for a brand new install (probably Windows 2008 or 2008R2 and MSDE 2005 or 2008).

On top of ePO, WSUS v3.0 SP2 will also be reinstalled on this blade.

My colleague had initially installed ePO v4.0 and WSUS and set a dedicated network card for each application.

I think I'll probably do likewise to isolate each flow.

Now, my questions are :

   - 1°) Can I use a virtual machine (Windows 2003 Server) for testing purposes on the domain network so as to get access to A.D data without interfering with the existing installation since I want to be sure everything is ok before starting the final installation ?

   - 2°) Can I do the above mentioned installation in "trial mode" so as not to have any problem with our key for the future live install ?

   - 3°) Since we would like to start it all from bare metal, should I consider my installation as an upgrade (in order to communicate with the agents and thus upgrade them) ? or should I consider it as a new install even though the former server (v4.0) is still operating on the network until it's decommissioning ?

   - 4° Can I install the new server without migrating the previous installation database (to get something "clean"), just keeping files for agents in order to upgrade them with the new installation ?

Thx in advance for your advice and kind help,


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