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Active Directory synchronization fail

Hello, I am a student and I have to install epo 4.6 (evaluation). I am trying to sync epo with AD, and I can get the "directories", but when I click on one, it does not show any object (computers) within it, would I have a missing step, or something.

I attached two screenshots showing my configuration.

I hope your help, thanks in advance.

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Re: Active Directory synchronization fail

The details you will see under System tab than group details.

Re: Active Directory synchronization fail

How is your top level synchronization type configured?

Re: Active Directory synchronization fail

There has beens BUG since EPO 4.5-4.6.4 in the Active Directory Sync structure if you DO not go over an LDAP Server.

Here is how to ADD a LDAP Server as OBJECT in EPO

Menu > Configuration > Registered Server

New Server

Choose "LDAP"

Now configure you Server (Maybe make an Extra LDAP Access account so you don't have to choose the "administrator". Because if you once have to change the Admin password it will stuck. (Only options for large box)

Now in the SYNC Tab for your group/System Strcuture CHOOSE "Registered LDAP Server".

If you choose the options "Use Domain/Domäne verwenden" it will not fully work!

> Solved