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Active Directory Synchronization

Ever since I updated from ePO 4.6.6 to 5.1.0 I keep getting the following task Active Directory Synchronization which won't finish and it won't terminate either. It doesn't do it all the time.

ePO running on Windows 2008 x64 latest updates etc.

Any ideas as I'm having to restart the ePO services to get task to terminate?

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Re: Active Directory Synchronization

Sounds a lot like support article: KB79875.

Please take a look and log a support call requesting the hotfix mentioned in the article.

Re: Active Directory Synchronization

I agree totally, but have had a call open with McAfee for nearly 2 weeks and the engineer reckons that that hotfix won't help even though the KB outlines EXACTLY the issue I'm having. The main problem I have is when the task gets stuck none of the other scheduled tasks work ie. DAT download etc, so this also a security issue for us and I have to constantly check server logs etc to make sure ePO is still running.

Quite frustrating I must say.

Re: Active Directory Synchronization

Hmm, please bear in mind it's hard for me to comment on case specifics, but the hotfix ought to be the first step if the symptoms truly match the KB#.

Try referring them to this forum post if you get no joy.

Re: Active Directory Synchronization

Will this hotfix ever become available to the public? The problem is I've had a call open for 2 weeks with McAfee Gold Support and I'm just going round in circles, I keep getting asked to supply MER logs, then get passed to another engineer who asks for the same again. Replies can take 2-3 days as they seem to work in a different time zone. Closing the call and a server rebuild would have been quicker!

Re: Active Directory Synchronization

The hotfix was revised once, which has extended the release process i'm afraid.

Still, please quote the KB79875 reference and this thread to the Gold team next time they reach out to you so they can see they need to escalate to progress a hotfix request.

Hopefully that will get the support case moving for you.

Re: Active Directory Synchronization

After this working for a while I have noticed that the problem has returned. Tested by sending a deploy agent task out on friday afternoon, the pc wasn't on the network, but the task never completed no other subsequent tasks ran over the weekend, hence server and all clients are out of date. This really is bad practice, I would log it with mcafee, but my last call to them was such an ordeal I am not sure I want to go through it again. Anyone else had similar issues with scheduled tasks hanging?