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AV Not installing on Server

We have set up a new server which is running Windows 2003 64 bit Enterprise edition. running with dual core 3.6 with 4gig ram.

I am also running ePO 3.6.1

I have managed to install the ePO agent on the server, but any time that I try to install the AV software (McAfee AV 8.5i) I get an error such as the following:


(Yellow Traingle) "!"

And an OK button.

Also when my policy kicks in to install Anti Spyware, it brings up the following error:

The Specified resource language ID cannot be found in the image file

McShield.dll: The system cannot find the file specified.

I have tried to remove all things to do with McAfee, but I am unable to remove the agent, all I get is access denied, even though I am a Domain Admin, and local admin to the server.

Can anyone help??
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RE: AV Not installing on Server

Are you installing the correct agent to install 8.5
this is a prerequisite agents wont work and will generate various errors often relating to languages.

RE: AV Not installing on Server

I am using agent version on all my corporate machines.

I have deplyed 8.5i to about 3000 clients without any errors until now, but this is one of the first 64bit server we have had..
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RE: AV Not installing on Server

I know its not perfect but have you tried installing the base versions of both products manually (the ones we download to load into EPO) and just letting the agent do the management afterwards?
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