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API unable to find EPOTag table


I am tring to produce a list of tags by running .../remote/core.executeQuery?target=EPOTag&select=(select+EPOTag.Name) but it returns with

"Error 0 : Unable to find target table 'EPOTag' using databaseType."

Attempting to look up the table with .../remote/core.listTables?table=EPOTag produces a similar error message

"Error 0 : Table 'EPOTag' not found"

Obviously the table exists, does anyone know why this table might be hidden from the API?

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Re: API unable to find EPOTag table

listTables is not exposing SQL, it's the query system.  Run a listTables with no argument to see all the possible targets.

For tags specifically I'm pretty sure there's a listTags command ... Do a and look for 'tag.'

Apologies I'm mobile at the moment no epo server to check myself.

Good luck,


Re: API unable to find EPOTag table

Right, so you can run .../remote/system.findTag? with no arguments to get the desired results.

But it returns with more data than I require, I was thinking the the adhoc query would be cleaner but it doesnt seem to be able to access the EPOTag table.

"listTables is not exposing SQL" I wasnt trying to expose SQL simply lookup a table, isnt that the purpose of this command? I did run it with no agruments but didnt find anything that would match what I needed.