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API 401 Error ePO


I've been trying for a while to get the API to even log in but I keep running into issues.  First, I was having a self-signed certificate issue which I was able to get past it by using verify=False in my command.  Now I'm getting a 401 Unauthorized and I'm not sure if this is still a certificate issue.  I found this other thread ( ) and when I try that, I also get a certificate issue.  Can someone please help me figure out how to log into this system.

ePOServer = ('https://myeposerver:8443/remote/system.find?')

data = {





result =,data,verify=False)

print result

print result.text

Yes, I do have these variables set.

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Re: API 401 Error ePO

Okay, so I've finally figured this out.  However now when I submit a request I get an error:

body = "{'config': { \

  'timeRange': 'LAST_24_HOURS', \

  'order': [{ \

  'direction': 'ASCENDING', \

  'field': {'name': '(name)'} \

  }], \

  'includeTotal': 'false', \

  'fields': [{'name': '(name)'}], \

  'filters': [{ \

  'type': 'EsmFieldFilter', \

  'field': {'name': '(name)'}, \

  'operator': 'IN', \

  'values': [{ \

  'type': 'EsmWatchlistValue', \

  'watchlist': {'value': 0}, \

  'DstIP': ips \

  }] \

  }], \

  'limit': 0 \


esmUrl = ''

r = requests.get(esmUrl, data=body, auth=(user,passwd), verify=False)

print r.text

The error I receive is:

ERROR_IndexNotTurnedOn (49)

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