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AD synchronisation in case of duplicated systemnames

Hi all!

We have the following system tree structure in our ePO environment:

Group 1: no AD sync, no Sorting applied on this group. In the past the systems have been moved manually to this group (all systems are managed)

Group 2: AD sync configured on the group with enabled "Move systems from their current System Tree location to the synchronized" function.

After we start the synchronization on the Group 2, the systems from Active Directory have been synchronized to Group 2, instead of moving the system from Group 1 to Group 2 and they got an unmanaged state without any properties. The Group 2 contains exactly the same systems with the same system name like in Group 1.

Why does ePO synch the systems from AD instead of moving them from Group 1 to Group 2, and showing them as unmanaged when they have the same system name and move function is enabled?

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