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AD Sync + Deployment of Agent/VSE

I'm starting to use AD sync now on epo and had a couple questions I'm hoping someone can answer for me:

  1. We are looking to shrink the time between when a new system goes out and when an agent is deployed to the system, can we shrink down the AD sync to several times an hour to achieve this without generating a bunch of overhead?
  2. When the AD sync runs with the autodeploy agent function enabled, does it only auto deploy to newly discovered system or other unmanaged systems as well?
  3. How can we quickly get VSE installed after a new system is built? I have the option to deploy the agent, but not VSE.

We are going through a hardware refresh and we want to move away from scripting the installation during the build process if at all possible. We are on ePO 5.1.


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Re: AD Sync + Deployment of Agent/VSE


1. you could create a task for ad-sync i.e. at 5:00 and a deploy agent task running at 5:10

2. I have no idea

3. you could put down the communication interval of the agent to server interval to 1 minute or something for your branch with the newly installed agents.

Best regards

Re: AD Sync + Deployment of Agent/VSE

Hi uhaba the best way to shrink times would be executing the AD sync tasks at a time where computers are online (or just after adding a new computer to AD).

During AD ysnc tasks, McAfee Agent will only be deployed to new diwscovered computers and not to other unmanaged systems.

If you want to deploy VSE just after depoloying McAfee Agent then set a task to run inmediatly so at the first agent-to-server communication it will be deployed