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AD Discovery Task - Exclusions - ePO 4

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to create exclusions for the Active Directory discovery task in ePO 4?

At the moment, ePO has pulled in all our defunct devices, which are disabled in AD. It is also trying to push agents out to our printers during the task.

I cant seem to find where I can exclude such objects.

In 3.6 you could specify what OU's to exclude. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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RE: AD Discovery Task - Exclusions - ePO 4

We have all our disabled systems in 1 OU and I have set an exception for that OU.

RE: AD Discovery Task - Exclusions - ePO 4

Yes that is one solution. But to change our whole AD setup for the purpose of anti-virus seems crazy to me...

Does anyone have any other solutions? Seems like a major oversite by mcafee if they have decided to change this...?




This has not been excluded by McAfee but is a little more tricky to find.

If you go to SYSTEMS, select GROUP tab - Go through each OU one at a time - Sync Type EDIT.

Here you can apply exclusions.