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A question upon ePO 4.6

Good morning everyone,

I'm new on McAfee communities and I'm not quite sure of having post this question on the right place. If I'm not in the right forum could you please tell me where to post it?

I’m currently in charge of defining the security design of pilot’s laptop for an aircraft manufacturer which is including choosing the different security products that will be installed on this laptop.

Most of the time this laptop will not be connected to a network and thus will not be able to connect to an ePO server to get Antivirus/HIPS updates as well as policies defined centrally for products such as Antivirus, HIPS, Control/Whitelisting (SolidCore) and Port/DeviceControl (Data Loss Prevention).

Is it a way that will enable me to update this laptop without being connected to an ePO server (i.e by an USB key)? By update I'm meaning antivirus virus definition (DAT), HIPS signatures as well as the different policies that could have been created on the ePO server for the different products listed above?

In advance thank you all for your answers.

Best regards

Guillaume Maugard

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Re: A question upon ePO 4.6

If the machine is not connected to the network, but is connected to the internet, then you can use an Agent Handler.


If the system is not connected to the internet, you can only update the Dat file using the Superdat...So maybe it would be better to use Application Whitelisting on the system instead of VSE / HIPS