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A little problem

Hiya all!

I got a problem......

Im trying to install TEN in a corporate network that already have installed Norton Symanteck AV. The network has more than 1000 PCs.

When i read about ePO i read that ePO was able to uninstall Symantec's AV.

I installed ePO 3.6.1 patch 2, i had deployed the agent, but i dont know how to proceed to uninstall the Norton AV. I have review all the documentation and didnot find any clue to how proceed.

Plz help me.. happy
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RE: A little problem

if it can be uninstalled it will be uninstalled by deploying McAfee Virusscan Enterprise. Check this for details:
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RE: A little problem

Well it didnt work, i had tried to deploy Viruscan 8.5i and it didnt uninstall Symantec AV.

Something that i forget is Symantec AV is protected by password.

Well looks like Viruscan is not able to uninstall Symantec AV if it is protected by password.
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Mixed Sucess

I've had mixed success having VSE 8.5i uninstall Symantec. Symantec 9 seems to uninstall cleanly but we've had some Symantec 10 machines that have required an exorcism of the software.

The VSE 8.5i installer simply makes an API call to the Symantec uninstall routine so if Symantec doesn't want to uninstall you're stuck visiting the machine. The VSE 8.5i installer does know how to trigger the uninstall without requiring a password.

There's a NONAV utility out there that's available through Symantec that takes a more brute-force approach to uninstall by manually stopping services, removing DLLs, registry entries, etc. This was a very valuable part of our toolkit during the migration.
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RE: Mixed Sucess

NONAV seems only to be available with a corporate support login to symantec site. Im sure someone has this available on a skydrive or similiar though.