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A few questions about sorting (ePO 4)....

I'm having a problem. Everytime my server runs the Active Directory synchronization my systems get resorted and I end up with just about all my systems under 'Servers'.

Any suggestions on what's going wrong here?

System Tree
Servers (sorting criteria
Workstations (sorting criteria &

NT Domain/Active Directory Synchronization
All synchronized groups (run daily)
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RE: A few questions about sorting (ePO 4)....

Did you check your AD sync settings ? You must use the "If system already exist leave them wehre they are" option (sorry I do not remember the name exactly). It is one option out of three at the beginning of the AD configuration task.

RE: A few questions about sorting (ePO 4)....

Where do I go to change the settings for AD sync?

I created some jobs under (Automation).

Job: Active Directory Discovery

Actions: NT Domain/Active Directory Synchronization
Synchronized Groups:
My Organization\Servers
My Organization\Workstations

The above job is the one that keeps moving all my systems into "Servers".

RE: A few questions about sorting (ePO 4)....

Nevermind...I found what I was looking for.