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5300 engine automatically moved to current?

I don't get it. Sometime this weekend we went from 5200.2160 engine in current and 5300.2777 in eval to 5200.2160 being in previous and 5300.2777 being in current and eval?
Its causing a huge problem as people log in this morning ...was the 5200.2160 moved automatically? Where can I find this occurring in the logs?
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RE: 5300 engine automatically moved to current?

The McAfee AutoUpdate sites will be updated to the 5.3.00 Engine on August 27th, 2008. If you do not want to receive this update, please reconfigure your update procedures accordingly before August 27th 2008. The daily SuperDATs and downloadable daily ePO updates will also contain the 5.3.00 Engine from this date forward.