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Epo 4.8 virtual Machine disappearing console epo


Environment : HyperV Wk28 : One Virtual Machine(VM)  XP SP3  build on this server W2k8 with the client EPo

This environment is reproduced 192 times with Name different for the Server and the VM

The name server is like XXXXYYY000 and the name for the VM is like XXXXYYZ001

The address IP is different for each  VM et Server . The Guid Agent EPo is unique for each  server and VM

Problem: 90% VM are not presents in the console EPO and however they receive tasks ( example update dat file )

One VM can be present one day and disappears the next day

We have checked Address mac , Address IP , Guid for each Server and VM . The client ePo was installed after sysprep step

We search information about this problem in the  forum mcafee but nothing similar

Any idead about it ?






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