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Im new to all of this. I jsut bought a dell and it already is giving me trouble on the net. When I google something i try to go to a page and im redirected to some other website that i can't get out of. I looked for viruses and didn't find any. Is there any tool in the Mcafee downloads I can use that will get this fixed. Thanks

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Re: redirected

This document from McAfee will assist you with any virus or malware issues you may be experiencing. Please be sure to follow the recommendations in the document and try to run the McAfee Stinger Scan which is found inside of the document. 

When you have completed the instructions in the document and you still experience some issues then I would suggest you try to run the free version of this software. by download and checking for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer.

Do the same for this program as well

Let us know if you need further help

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Re: redirected

Sorry I havent replied earlier, was a little busy. I tried both sites and it still redirects me. I have internet explorer 64bit. After the scan it doesnt redirect until after a few searches.

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Re: redirected


Please follow the instruction given by Tom, as well please let me know the browser that you are using on your computer with version.