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phishing filter in IE9


I was at my sister today.

I didn,t seen the mcafee phising filter plugin at the browers help objects?

What shoud i do is her browers protected for phising?

I also seen that at the last full scan it found 7 trojanhorse  Js exploit-blacole 0 until 8

I did a scan with super antispyware and hitman pro nothing comes up

I think she has no java installed there where no java plugins in the browser and i couldn,t find the java programm

can someone tell me what to do?


on 21/03/12 2:33:12 EDT PM
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Re: phishing filter in IE9

McAfee SiteAdvisor is the IE9 anti-phishing tool - is that installed?  McAfee Anti-Spam also protects against it if installed but is part of only cwertain packages.

She should have the latest Java installed from

JS Exploit-blacole is outlined here with removal instructions,

I suggest you download, update (important) and run the FREE version of THIS tool also.

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