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What does returning the toaster mean? Help on my security needed!!

Apologies for my ignorance in these matters.  I prefer to talk to someone about these matters as I can rarely understand what people discuss in these forums.  Cannot get through to mcAfee as the phone alwaus says ring back later but they never tell you their opening times!!!

On Saturday morning I could not access the internet.  McAfee message came up to say that updates were taking place and not to switch the computer off.  Left it on all day checking to see if updates finished and left it on over night.  No internet access for all of this time.  Messages all the time about not switching off computer and it would not switch off. in the end this morning i switched off at the mains.  Able at last to get on internet but then i have received a message to say real time scanning is off.  Turned back on and now they say the firewall is off and my computer is at risk!!!  I cannot contact McAfee and I would really like to know what i should do. Please help.

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Re: What does returning the toaster mean? Help on my security needed!!

I have no idea what that means.  Where was this message about a toaster and what exactly did it say?   Any other strange messages?

Technical Support is who you need and they are here:

You can always reach that page by right-clicking the taskbar icon by the clock and selecting Get Help or clicking the link under Useful Links which appears at the top of this page and many other pages here.

Open 0900 - 1800 Monday to Friday by phone

Open 24/7 for online chat - best option right now.

See if the Virtual Technician will fix this automatically for you first:

If not try the following:

Uninstall all McAfee via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove Programs in XP)

Run the MCPR cleanup tool which is also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page

Reboot and reinstall your product from your online account.

You might also want to run a scan using Stinger and Malwarebytes Free - linked in the last clickable link in my signature below.  With the latter do NOT accept the trial offer or you'll end up with the wrong version.


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