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Webadvisor being deleted (or uninstall) during shut down startup

I am workiing on window 7 and firefox just check and updated a few days ago to make sure.  Just downloaded crome from microsoft and webadvisor from McAfee website. 

What is happening is as follows when I download Webadvisor to work on both Firefox and crome the SA work fine on both FF and Crome. 

However, when I shut down the computer.  webadvisor is deleted or uninstall from my computer that is I would not see it in the extension list in FF (as if I never downloaded) and on crome it would still be in the extension list but it will not work.  Sometimes I would get a message from FF "access to file was denied"  it may have been removed, moved or file permission may be preventing access"When I go to window control panel, programs, to click on webadvisor, to try to uninstall install it, window would tell me tha webadvisor has already been uninstall. I will reinstall it and it work fine until I shutdown the computer.

Just run full virus scan using Microsoft security essentials (updated before I ran it) nothing came up.  could there be a virus or rutine that is removing webadvisor during shutdownstartup. 


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Re: Webadvisor being deleted (or uninstall) during shut down startup

@tank_ace1 this is a strange issue. My first suspect would be the Windows user account - Are you logged in as an Administrator or a standard user. There are chances that teh System administrator may have removed WA.

Kindly ensure that Windows , Chrome, FireFox are all up to date with the latest patches.

Re: Webadvisor being deleted (or uninstall) during shut down startup

It is solved sort-off

What I did was unstall webadvisor using control pannel, program uninstall.  Then (I think this part is important)  I did a diskclean using window disk clean-up.  I think if you don't do a disclean-up some of the webadvisor files and folder are still there.  Then I did a search and manually deleated all the mcafee files and files (I think if you did a disclean-up first it will remove all the Mcafee files and folders.  Then did another disclean up.  and then reinstall webadvisor and I get the green check mark and webadvisor is still there after multiple start-ups.

Only problems.  I don't get the green check mark if I use Firefox, Google search engine.  I get the green check mark for bing and secure search.  McAfee said this is an know problem but does not have solutions yet. 

I don't have this problem if I use Chrome with google search. 

So I said this is 90% solved.  thanks Hope this helps someone else