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WebAdvisor dynamic dns overkill

As can be seen by visiting twilightparadox dot com or the FreeDNS domain registry at afraid dot org, is a dynamic dns domain, like or dyndns.  There are 22,600 completely unrelated sites with different subdomains here - no content or server infrastructure or anything in common - just subdomains which DNS connects to completely unrelated IP addresses.

Your scans probably found just one problematic subdomain with potentially unwanted programs. You reacted by blocking * You are blocking tens of thousands of legitimate publishers to target one malware site. In addition, you may well not be succeding in blocking the IPs of any illegitimate sites, since the IPs of subdomains of a dynamic dns site have absolutely nothing in common.

Please don't cause so much collateral damage by blocking this domain. Instead, block the problematic subdomains and their IPs, and take measures to treat dynamic DNS sites more appropriately in the future.

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Re: WebAdvisor dynamic dns overkill


Kindly follow the steps outlined in the link and submit your website URL to suggest changes. McAfee WebAdvisor and SiteAdvisor website rating dispute resolution process

These requests will be addressed within an average of 3-5 business days with some requests requiring additional review and taking longer.