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WebAdvisor and Web Protection


I am running  3-user McAfee Internet Security on Windows 7 64 bit.

I see an add-on called McAfee WebAdvisor which is enabled.

On downloading files from the internet using IE11, WebAdvisor says that it is checking the file, and I believe that is stops me from visiting untrusted sites, but I can't remember when it last did the latter.

It does not stop webstie ratings when I do a search on the internet as it used to before.

Interestingly, if I open up McAfee and select PC Security, one of the options listed on the bottom right is

an icon consistin of a padlock in a square called 'Protect Me On The Web' under which is a button called Setup.

If I click on the padlock it takes me to a page showing me current features and available features.

One of the available features is something called Web Protection which says it will give website ratings and reports which sites are safe and which aren't - before you visit them.

Is this Web Protection different from WebAdvisor? I have not yet selected to add this Web Protection feature. What is it?

As I said before I already have WebAdvisor installed and enabled, so I am confused.




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