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Using SiteAdvisor and Web of Trust together

SA 2.6.6261 and WOT work well together. The SA safe search icon and the WOT icon do not always agree (not surprising I suppose). In fact, they disagree surprisingly often. WOT ratings seem more conservative than those of SA, i.e. WOT shows more reds than does SA. SA does occasionally show a red where WOT shows a green.

I like the assurance that two greens gives me that I can browse a web site with confidence. The value of using SA and WOT together is worth more than the sum of the parts.

To see the full effect, try searching google for warez (its like looking at a rainbow).
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finjan and sa

I use the finjan and site advisor together. they work well together also. I was greedy for a moment and had also WOT going with the other two. they seemed to work together aswell. i don't need three going. I removed the WOT.
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RE: finjan and sa

Thanks for that. I tried Finjan but it was considerably slower than SA or WOT when Googling and so I uninstalled it.

I like to have the benefit of multiple and independent sources of advice on web sites.

SiteAdvisor Browser Plugin

I thought it was WOT slowing me down a bit. Maybe it is finjan. Right now Im trying to see if my SuperAdBlocker is also slowing me down. I think I found the reason for my computer taking so long for "http" to upload.